ASF-Switzerland is happy to announce that the first flights of its programme Les Ailes du Sourire took place on Thursday, September 12th and on Tuesday, October 8th 2019 from and to Lausanne aerodrome, thanks to the generosity of its partners and sponsors.

Inspiring itself from the French programme "Les Ailes du Sourire" carried out since 1995 by ASF-France, ASF-Switzerland, in partnership with AéroFormation B. Hanhart SA and L'Espérance Foundation, will organise and finance a first series of private flights, for the benefit of selected residents (children and adults) from L'Espérance, who never had the chance to board a plane and, still less, to fly. The flights are due to take place before the end of this year from Lausanne aerodrome La Blécherette; each flight costs around CHF 230.00. Every CHF franc counts! ASF-Switzerland is most grateful in advance to anyone wishing to financially support this operation. Let's meet in September for the first flights (weather permitting)!

- 12.11.2019 -

- 08.10.2019 -

- 12.09.2019 -

For more infos about the French "sister [and original] programme", simply click on: https://www.asf-fr.org/en/missions/our-missions-in-france//www.asf-fr.org/en/missions/our-missions-in-france